Commoditising Information – How to future proof your library

Presentation – Paper

10×10 presented to the Australian Law Librarians Association (ALLA) in September 2013. The presentation discussed the opportunity that the creation of information products present for the industry.  Applying the elements of Richard Susskind’s theory of commoditisation, the paper outlined the key considerations that need to be made when becoming an information producer.


Apps for the mobile law librarian

 Slides – Reviews

A lunchtime seminar presented to the NSW branch of the Australian  Law Librarians Association (ALLA) in April 2013. The seminar reviewed 23 apps, their purpose as well as what is good and whats not so good about the apps. These characteristics were addressed with respect of a holistic consideration of the needs and established practices of the user, the characteristics of the technology and the key elements of successful adoption.



Web 2.0 and organisational communication


Written in 2009, my thesis examined the ability for organisations of varying sizes to employ emerging technologies (specifically web 2.0 technology) to enable effective and efficient organisational communication. Spoiler alert : email still reigns supreme.



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