Working in 2030

What will the information industry look like in 2030?

Whilst I don’t know what my role will look like I’m more than optimistic about the status of the information industry and my (and every other info professionals) role within it. Information is being created at such a rate that provided we continue as a profession to adapt to and adopt this changing environment we will do awesomely.

But remember that doesn’t mean any slacking off….

As an industry we have a bright future and 2030 is filled with promise. What I spent today’s blog time wondering is how will we operate in that future?

What will the workplace look like in 2030? So I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell you my predictions.

1 – The 24/7 connectivity will snap back

Since 2000 the 24 hour elastic band of connectivity has been stretching and I think that well before 2030 it’s going to snap back and we will see a workforce that has a bit more of a division between work and home time. Whilst I don’t think we will be progressing back to the 9-5 I think there will be a snap back because this 24/7 connectivity thing isn’t sustainable

2 – Extinction of the luddite/change averse

With millenials bringing home the bacon (i.e working) and a rapidly changing technological world 2030 won’t be kind on luddites. This is primarily because technology is driven by change and the rate of change, I think, isn’t going to get slower. If you don’t cope well with change I don’t think the agile working environment is going to be fun. Need help accepting change? Here are some great articles from Huffington Post

3 – Rise of the creative thinker

Forever learning, agile to change, aware of the world around them and informed – 2030 is the realm of the 2030 will be the time of the creative thinker….Okay. Thinking about it I think this part is already here.

Unsure about your creative thinking? Take a look at hbr’s article on reclaiming your creative confidence


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