Re-inventing the authority and integrity of primary legal sources for the online world

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It’s a lofty title, and that’s only part of it.

In late 2012 we read with interest that AustLII had been awarded a four year ‘linkage’ project at a total ARC funded value of $150,000 commencing in 2013, with the title:

LP130100382. Re-inventing authority and integrity of primary legal sources for the online world, using free access to make the legal system more efficient and just

It’s a Linkage Grant from the ARC which is significant

As those in the academic world know, Linkage Grants from the Australian Research Council have specific terms. These can be found at the ARC’s website.

To be successful in an application, the proponent (in this case AustLII and the co-researchers) must be able to demonstrate each of the following, namely that:

  1. collaborative R&D research is being undertaken between collaborators, to acquire new knowledge, and which involve risk or innovation;
  2. there must be…

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