The C word – What not to say when someone has cancer

I know this is out of scope with the rest of my blog but I want to say something important. In September last year my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Whilst her cancer was aggressive it didn’t get a chance to spread. Mum has finished her treatment and whilst it’s still a 5 year wait till being able to say she is in remission all signs are good.

But how happy I am isn’t really the point of this post. This is more of a public service announcement. Over the course of my mum’s treatment she’s had people make some pretty ridiculous comments about cancer. So here’s a little list of what NOT to say to someone who has cancer:

  • my friend/relative/co-worker/person had cancer….they died

    You’d think people would be smart enough to not say this but they do! Don’t say this!

  • are you doing xxx treatment? My friend had xxx treatment. You should ask your Doctor about xxx treatment.

    Every cancer is different. There is no one stop shop for fighting cancer…that’s called a cure and it (unfortunately) doesn’t exist yet. My mum was treated by a team of doctors who knew their stuff don’t question what treatment a person with cancer gets.

  • don’t look at people who have cancer like they have the plague, they don’t

    You wouldn’t think this happens but people are weird. You can’t catch cancer (unless its genetic – so yay me) so don’t be scared of people with cancer. Unless you are sick, due to their treatment people with cancer often have very weak immune systems so if you are sick its very nice to stay away.

I never thought cancer would come to my family. Cancer isn’t fun so please be nice to the people who have it.


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