Informed Librarian Online: Going Mobile? The Answer Isn’t Always App-etising

It’s that time again! My latest A bit of bytes column is out! Here’s a little taste of what its about.

Person: What do you mean you don’t have an app???
Me: [groan]
Apps are everywhere. Whilst the excitement surrounding apps is understandable it doesn’t mean that you should jump out and hire an ‘IT guru’ or expensive design company to design an app for you. As library and information professionals it is vital that the first consideration is to the user, their behaviors/preferences and whether their needs will be met by an app. Because if they aren’t going to use it what’s the point?

In this month’s column I want to highlight some of the key considerations you should make prior to jumping on the app bandwagon. I also want to highlight the often forgotten alternative to the app, that is, mobile optimisation.

The full article is available for free throughout October. As always I strongly encourage you to subscribe. There’s a fantastic collection materials including my previous columns 🙂

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