Informed Librarian: Being alert but not alarmed

My second column for the Informed Librarian was published this week. I have included a bit of a taste of my column below. The full column will be available for all of September here.

If your not a subscriber to the Informed Librarian I strongly recommend subscribing, the range of articles you have access to is absolutely fantastic and you get a LOT of bang for your buck.

Being Alert But Not Alarmed Managing Your Information Online
by Alex Cato
‘Nothing comes for free”
In the online realm the well-known adage nothing comes for freeapplies now more than ever. A lot of online services appear to be ‘free’ however you may be paying for the service in other ways. You may be paying through:
  • having your eyes attacked by obnoxious advertising,
  • constant requests to share/invite your friends to the service, or
  • by ‘selling’ your information, usage statistics or uploaded content to the service provider and potentially third parties.
In this month’s A Bit of Bytes column I will highlight some of the key considerations you should make when using online products and services as well as some techniques to help you manage who has access to your information online. It’s all about being alert but not alarmed.



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