#MOOCFail – Confessions of a serial MOOC failure

To date I have signed up for four MOOC’s and I haven’t finished a single one.

I tried scheduling Monday night as MOOC night but the allure of alliteration didn’t work. I set up automatic calendar reminders for myself but would hit snooze. I set it up so I received every single notice and alert about the MOOC via email. All I got was a full email.

So here’s my MOOC list shame:

  • Science of climate change, lasted 2 weeks
  • Disruptive technology, lasted 1.5 weeks
  • Justice, lasted 4 weeks
  • Digital curation, introduction exercise pre-week 1

I’m going to put this out to the internet because I know someone may have a trick, does anyone know how to study MOOC style?

Who has finished a MOOC? how did you do it?

I love learning (and inherently studying). I’ve only had 2 years of not learning in a school/university since kindergarden. But thats all been face-to-face. I love that MOOC’s are democratising learning but will they ever (for me) be able to beat that immersive learning experience of sitting in a tutorial and discussing an issue with students and tutor?

Any tips from a MOOC succeeder?


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