Very belated Librarian Resolutions

I haven’t written a post for a long while and have missed the opportunity to write my Librarian New Year Resolutions. But hey this is my blog so I declare today Alex’s New Years!

Happy New Year!

This year is going to be full, I’m back to studying my Juris Doctor, I’m working full time, hanging out with the awesome people at the NSW division of ALLA (read our blog and follow us on Twitter!) and participating in other opportunities as they pop up including being a mentor in the QUT Legal Research course (exciting!!). With all this what are my goals? Well first and foremost make it so that next years new year blog post isn’t in mid-March…

But seriously I am putting these out to the world of blogs so that the collective guilt can reign down and I actually keep to these goals.

Alex’s Librarian New Year Resolutions
1)Learn more foreign domestic law
The world has shrunk and it seems like the legal industry has caught up. Getting more and more questions about American, Singapore, German law I need to understand these. The best way, I can come up with to combat this is to do the research, understand the system, know what’s available and what’s not before someone comes asking for it.

Being a nerd of the nerdiest variety I figure that pre-empting the questions with research will never be wasted or lost time because even if I don’t get asked about that particular jurisdiction I’m honing the skills to locate the best information when faced with the challenges of a foreign language and an entirely different system. p.s Law Library of Congress, LLRX, the BIALL How do I wiki and WorldLii are all fantastic places to start learning foreign jurisdictions.

2) Write on my blog more
This one I just need to do there are no ifs or buts about it.

Keep up to date on the stuff awesome people are writing about libraries
There are so many library geniuses out there, this is the list of genius’ I read (in no particular order):

Let me know if there’s someone I’m missing – I would love to know!

3) Plan my professional social media
Writing and maintaining social media in a professional capacity is tough and time consuming. The hardest part however is finding content to write about. I currently manage the ALLA New South Wales social media

4) Don’t listen to the haters

cos…haters gonna hate

People seem to put libraries on the chopping block everytime there is a tightening of the purse strings, they’ve been
saying this for EVER and it won’t happen so..DON’T LISTEN

  5) Stay awesome and when in doubt listen to the Mountain Goats.


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