Select the category which best describes your role….

I was asked to: 

Select the category which best describes your current role

 recently when filling out an online registration form. Looking at the categories I found myself stuck with a bit of a conundrum.

Internet or web librarian, tick

Training librarian, tick

Research librarian, BIG tick

Social media librarian, tick – managing the NSW division of the Australian Law Librarian Associations social media presence definitely counts!

Reference librarian, tick – how’s that different from research??

In the end I settled upon research librarian because thats what it says on my business card but I am still a little bit angst ridden about it. I don’t know whether its my general unwillingness to be put in a category but do these categorisations and sub-categorisations still work for our profession? I agree that there is a need for individuals within the profession to specialise in a particular thing…every team needs someone to be an expert in research/systems/whatever that makes sense. However do we need those sort of official categorisations anymore?

In the official sense I am a Research Librarian who has an additional role of being intranet editor but does that mean that I’m not interested in the latest training materials/technologies available? Does it mean that I’m not interested in cataloging and how well it meets current user behaviours? Is it okay to be catagorised in these respects so long as your employer is keen for you to explore your interests? I don’t really have any sort of answer with respect of any of this it just been bugging me lately. I guess as a librarian I don’t want to be catalogued by my primary role…ooh the irony!


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