Tips and tricks for the new law librarian

So I’ve officially been a law librarian for almost a year and in this almost year I’ve (rather unsurprisingly learn’t a few things) *said with the voice of a five year-old pretending to be a grown-up*. 

I will admit I’m not the most experienced of beans but I think I’m becoming part of the library furniture and so can share some tips and tricks. I’ve collected a lovely little basket of the treasurers and so I’m going to be mean and drip-feed them to you over the next two weeks (mwahahahaha).  

The first trick I want to share is

The Legal and Technology Resources for Legal Professionals –

With the increasing globalisation of law firms, Australian law librarians are being asked to do more and more research into international legal systems. provides you with fantastic outlines of international legal systems written by those who know them best – the librarians. Not only do the information pages provide you with links to the best sources of legislation and case law but also provide you with background information on how the legal system works. Why is this important? Well you can find stuff a whole easier if you understand how the system is set out. A couple of great articles are:

  • A guide to the UK Legal system –
  • Researching French Law – not only covers the law, ‘it is a wide ranging unique, web journal dedicated to providing legal, library, IT, CI, marketing, communications, Congressional, legislative, academic and administrative professionals, as well as students, with the most up-to-date information on a wide range of Internet research and technology-related issues, applications, resources and tools'(1).

I strongly recommend you having a look at this fantastic site. 



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