New Brain Sparks – Great (free) Library Videos and Slides

Got a big pile of industry reading you swear you’ll get to? Now don’t lie we all do and its ok because I’m here to help!

Below is a list of links to library and professional development goings on that are video or audio so that you can either:

  • Option A – watch them
  • Option B – attempt at multitasking and ‘watch them’ whilst working, or
  • Option C – expand your to-read list into a multimedia to-read/watch/listen list

Columbia University Library Symposium 2013

With a theme of ‘Trending: new opportunities in the evolving academy’ the symposium looked at re-positioning academic and university libraries and the library and information profession as a consequence of the  rapidly evolving environment in which they exist. The symposium focuses upon putting libraries and educational institutions not being ‘ahead of the curve’ but actively participating in the community to creating the change and the ‘trend’.

Conference details

The past present and future of e-books

Focusing upon the US e-book environment, the video considers some of the latest, as well as the long-running BIG, issues for libraries in moving into the eBook environment.

Related resources

  • Blog of the moderator Sue Polanka – No shelf required –

Engaging customer curiosity

The presentation considers how to engage users through curiosity. Unfortunately you don’t benefit as much from the slides as you would have from a recording of the presentation but the slides do enable you to piece together the key elements/principles of enlivening curiosity in customers.

A handout from the presentation is available at

15 Minutes of Mobile Library Tools with Tine

Presented by Tine Walczyk on the 24 April 2013 Tine teaches readers how to be truly mobile. Highlighting the message that just because you can access a digital rendition of the library (be it an OPAC or otherwise) on your mobile device you are not truly mobile until you have created/adjusted the information to facilitate access on the medium.


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