Creating change after a communication audit

communication flowsChanging communication flows or individuals perspectives of communication flows is not a task that can be undertaken easily or overnight. There’s no point denying that changing communication practices is a long and arduous task however there are obvious advantages to sticking to it to enact change, specifically the increased efficiency of your team along with the development of a consistent perception and understanding within the organisation of what is valuable information.

Whilst creating change within organisations is a highly specific action there are several common characteristics:

  • Leadership support
    Consistent support and messaging from leadership encourages change. This communication should occur across the encouraged communication mediums as well as the unofficial or unsupported mediums thereby encouraging change to the other medium.
  • Behavioural change (the power of referral)
    Closely related to leadership support, behavioural change is encouraged by the actions of others. Change won’t occur through all talk and no action but through leaders and members of the team practicing what they preach.
  • Training
    A preference for one communication medium over another may be as a consequence of a lack of understanding of either the medium upon which the communication takes place and or what type of communication is expected or ‘allowed’ across the medium. Often people are hesitant to communicate across a medium because they are unsure of the ‘rules’ of the medium. Let people know what to expect, what the rules of the game are so that they are not hesitant to participate.


Ok so thats communication audits! After finishing such a with a long series of communication related posts I’m now going to give you all one episode random topics for a while….writing on the same topic for a long time is tough!! There’s so many different things out there I want to write about them 😛


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