As defined on Wikipedia

I just started reading a report on legal project management by Scott Preston and Ryan McClead (see embedded report below). The report itself is an interesting read considering the lawyer mindset on project management and how it should be improved. What got up my Librarian Goat was the first sentence:

Project Management, which has been around since the 1950s, is defined on Wikipedia as “the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals”.

“As defined on Wikipedia??? AAAAAHHHHH! Be gone thou abhorrent plague upon my librarian sensibilities!” said the 1950s Librarian living inside me .

The 25 year old Librarian living and breathing in 2013 has a different thought – how can something be cited as being authored by an entity that doesn’t actually exist and if we are citing something that doesn’t actually exists is that all that bad?

As what is unarguably the most successful crowdsourcing project ever created, Wikipedia serves facilitate information equality, providing access to all irrespective of the readers economic facilities – provided (of course) that they have access to an internet connection. Is it really bad that there is no author?

In my job you have people asking for books by the names of the authors, “I need Dal Pont/Ford/Riley/Cheshire & Fifoot/Jacob’s”.  How long is it going to be before references such as the Australian Constitution as edited by and PalaceGuard008 are common and accepted?  I guess this post is an open question rather than anything…




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