Procrastination is a beast

….I have not yet tamed.


Despite setting myself a goal of writing one post a week I’ve already broken my promise. I want to blame not having anything to write about but thats a lie so I’m just going to have o be truthful and say its because I’ve been lazy. Don’t get me wrong I’ve tried a couple of times to sit and write a post but I just can’t the internet is way to interesting. 


I will however leave you with something this Sunday afternoon, a list of discovering I made from my procrastination. 

Brain Pickings

A brilliant blog written by Maria Popova that can only be described as being fuelled by ‘interesting’. Writing about anything and everything Maria masterfully extracts the brilliance of writers/philisophers/artists and combines them with knowledgeable analysis and commentary on a wide range of topics. 

Open Culture

Open culture is your guide to (legally) free culture on the internet. The site provides you with lists, and most importantly links, of movies, fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, courses and language resources that are freely available online.

Weird things customers say in bookshops

A tumblr of as the name suggests weird things customers say in bookshops. 

ookay so my list has only three things on it.

*whispers* the book I’m reading at the moment is really really good. I’ll do better next time I swear.


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